The World Academy Awards is established to encourage, reward and promote the most outstanding, significant and grandiose achievements in the field of Science, Culture, Arts, Sports, Economics and Social life; with the aim of promoting the achievements created throughout the whole history that have made an exceptional, lasting and long-term contribution to the preservation and progressive development of all mankind.

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    Contribution to Humankind

    World Academy Awards present only the main sections and categories for which awards are made and nominations are put forward. In view of the significant number, not all outstanding figures, their works and achievements, as well as categories are currently represented.

    World Academy Awards do not claim to have a complete list of them, but as the project develops, Academy Awards will strive for this.

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    Caduceus and Nike

    Our symbols


    The symbols we use are the Caduceus and Nike - Goddess of Victory. Caduceus is a wand entwined with two snakes facing each other, often with wings on the top of the wand. Its appearance in Antiquity was associated with the myth of Apollo and Hermes. According to the myth, Apollo, as a sign of reconciliation with his brother, gave him his magic staff. When Hermes, having decided to test its properties, placed the rod between two fighting snakes, they immediately stopped fighting and wrapped around a stick. Hermes liked this picture so much that he immobilized them.

    Nike - Goddess of Victory. Nike is the daughter of the titan Pallas and Styx. An ally of Zeus in his fight against the titans and giants; therefore the gods swear by the water of her mother Styx. Nike, as well as her sisters, were the closest associates of Zeus, the supreme deity of the ancient Greek pantheon.

    According to classical myth, Styx brought her children to Zeus when the god was recruiting allies for the Titanomachy against the old deities. Nike assumed the role of the divine charioteer, a character often depicted in classical Greek art.

    Nika flew around the battlefields, rewarding the winners with honor and glory in the form of a wreath of laurel leaves.

    Being a minion of victory, Nike accompanies Athena Parthenos, the representative of the highest world all-conquering power.

    As a symbol of a successful result and a happy outcome, Nika participates in all military enterprises, in gymnastic and musical competitions, in all religious celebrations performed on the occasion of success. She is always depicted winged or in a pose of rapid movement above the ground; her attributes are a bandage and a wreath, later also a palm tree; further - weapons and a trophy. For sculptors, Nika either participates in the celebration at the sacrifice, or is the messenger of victory, with the attribute of Hermes - a staff.

    She then affectionately nods her head to the winner, then hovers over him, crowning his head, then leads his chariot, then slaughters a sacrificial animal, then folds a trophy from an enemy weapon (on the balustrade of the temple of Athena Nike in Athens). The statue of Nike accompanied the statues of Olympian Zeus and Athena Parthenos. 


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    Award Ceremony

    Anual Awards are updated once a year


    The World Academy Awards are presented each year in December.

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    The World Academy Awards honor individuals and companies whose discoveries and innovations have made a significant and lasting contribution to humankind..


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